Fossil fuel investments and the need for risk disclosure


Jason Thistlethwaite talks about our new era of risk disclosure and risk governance for the fossil fuel industry – and the implications for insurance and investing.

In this video from CIGI (Centre for International Governance Innovation), “Jason Thistlethwaite, Director of the Climate Change Adaptation Project at the University of Waterloo, joins podcast host and CIGI Chair of Global Security David Welch for a discussion on the relationship between financial risk and climate change. The conversation begins by exploring the gap between policy maker ambitions and existing capital opportunities along with the impact this gap has on various industries. Is there opportunity in climate change? Thistlethwaite notes that as international and domestic financial regulations are consolidated and a better understanding of environmental and climate change risk is revealed, products will emerge to exploit the market contributing to a shift into a new era of risk disclosure and risk governance.”



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