June 18 Event: Faithful Action For Climate Justice


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The realities of climate change require prophetic and strategic action by people seeking to be faithful to the covenant God has made with us, with every living creature and with all future generations. As people of faith, we must summon the courage to look at the world honestly and respond with radical, transformational love.
Faith Communities can be Catalysts for Transformation to a Sustainable World.


Join us on June 18 for an interdenominational evening of discussion, reflection, inspiration and homemade desserts.

Knox Presbyterian Church, Waterloo [map]





Our faith calls us to care for our neighbours and for creation—we cannot wait for others to act but instead must lead by example. Find out what you can do to move your congregation from despair to hope. Refreshments will be served.
This evening of conversation will feature:

David & Kathryn Mayberry from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (a partnership of 15 Canadian churches and church-based agencies working together to end global hunger) will explain the threat to Global Food Security from Changing Climate and for the poorest people already living on the front lines of climate change, action on all fronts is urgent.



Jason Thistlethwaite
, A University of Waterloo researcher and Director of the Climate Change Adaptation Project at the University of Waterloo will explain how a shift towards a reduced carbon economy could expose Canada to a bubble similar to the U.S. mortgage crisis that helped cripple the global economy.



Members of Trinity St. Paul United Church will share their experiences that took them from a climate justice working group to become the first Canadian church to commit to divesting from fossil fuels. Their leadership has sparked a call to the larger church community to join the movement to ensure their funds are not invested in fossil fuels that threaten God’s Creation.




Mary Jane Patterson, Executive Director of REEP Green Solutions, an environmental, non-profit organization empowering our community towards healthier homes and sustainable living, will offer practical guidance and support to your congregation.




“Our faith traditions and sacred texts call upon us all – individuals, civil society, businesses, industry, and governments – to consider the spiritual dimensions of the crisis of ocean and climate change; to take stock of our collective behaviour; to transform cultures of consumerism and waste into cultures of sustainability; and to respect the balance between economic activity and environmental stewardship.” — Canadian Interfaith Call for Leadership and Action on Climate Change

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