Ideas for Clean Technology, Innovation and Job Creation

The federal government provides background on this issue and questions to consider as part of the consultation, on its new Canada’s Approach to Climate Change website, available here.

Canada’s clean technology industry is Canada’s first new industry of the 21st century. In fact, with 50,000 people employed directly in more than 800 firms, some might say Canada’s clean technology industry has come of age. The industry reflects our national values and our ability to invest in innovation, to protect the environment, build strong companies and create good jobs.

Canadian clean technology companies are winning in global markets where competition is fierce. People working in the industry are building companies with a range and diversity that is breathtaking, including creating new career paths that combine skill sets as diverse as engineering, international business development and communications.
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Image showing Canada's rank in cleantech markets, which fell to 19th place in 2014 from 15th place in 2005. Thank you Mr Harper.
Image showing that Canada's clen technology jobs grew by 11.4 percent and reached 55,600 workers in 2014.
Here is an overview of the energy transition and a summary of different energy sources put together by the David Suzuki Foundation.

Putting a price on carbon is a key ingredient in spurring innovation in the clean technology sector.

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